Top 10 – Worst Films of 2013

These are the films I saw in 2013 … Caught up with a few via Netflix and Sky Movies. Don’t forget this is my personal opinion and mainly films I did not like/enjoy for what ever reason. I will try my best to explain exactly why they have made it onto this list! The main and first reason they have probably made it onto this list is probably because I got bored whilst watching it . . .


10. Filth (Review)

I honestly couldn’t find anything that I liked about this film at all, certainly one for the boys!

9. Girl Most Likely (Review)

One of the biggest disappointments of the year for me, being a huge Bridesmaids fan I thought this was going to be up there with it and it just wasn’t even close at all.

8. Runner Runner (Review)

In all honesty I don’t even remember what exactly happened in this film thinking back now, which says it all really!

7. The Internship

I should really avoid anything with Vince Vaughn in as never really like or enjoy them. This is nothing new, we’ve seen it all before.

6. Romeo and Juliet (Review)

This could have been brilliant, set in Rome with Shakespeare speak and old world feel. But they created new lines?!?! and Juliet wasn’t beautiful enough . . .

5. Pain & Gain (Review)

Just awful from start to finish, I can’t believe its actually based on a true story or true events or something like that :-/

4. After Earth

If your looking for a film that will put you to sleep as not much actually happens this is the one for you! Will Smith and son just didn’t work well for me in this one.

3. 21 & Over (Review)

I am too old now for this type of film . . . Again probably another which is aimed more for the boys . . .

2. The Hangover 3 (Review)

I didn’t like the second with a passion, this was just pathetic!

1. Old Boy (Review)

This is one of the worst films I have EVER seen, let alone worst of 2013. It was honestly the biggest waste of time at the cinema ever!

23 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2013

  1. I went to go and watch Filth. One of those films where you have to go and read the book first. I only went to go and see it because of James McAvoy in the starring role.


  2. I liked Filth a lot, I thought it was super entertaining and much deeper than I had expected. But I can see how it’s not one everybody would like.
    The Hangover 3 was very meh, definitely disappointing.


  3. Good list. I don’t mind Vince Vaughn, so I actually found the Internship humourous – not to say it would have made any sort of ‘good’ list though. Fright Night 2 would have made this list for me though. Pain and Gain was just bad.


  4. Ooh an interesting list, I like it. I can’t say I enjoyed Filth but I could see how it was a good film, like I didn’t like the character at all but your not meant to, James McAvoy was brilliant though-so disgusting. Some of these I didn’t see like After Earth-mainly because Jaden Smith annoys me and Old Boy we missed but I haven’t seen the original. Hangover 3….what’s the point of a Hangover film with no Hangover? Best one is still the first. Pain and Gain I quite liked because it was just mental. Good list 🙂


    • Thanks for your thoughts on the list, it’s good to see how people’s opinions are different when it comes to films. Sometimes it is hard to put together, but I only have a certain number of films to choose from, hopefully I explain well why I have included them.


  5. I utterly hated the first two Hangover films. But I found the third moderately bearable. Of the others I have seen on your list (The Internship, After Earth and Pain and Gain) I agree 100%. Am pretty sure they were all on my bottom 10 list as well.


    • I hated the first Hangover films too! It seems as though we share hatred for films very well! Always good to have people who think the same way for certain films as well so you know it’s not just you who didn’t like it!


  6. I am proud to say I skipped most of these. Great list. Watch the original Oldboy- it’s Korean- and let us know what you think.


  7. I can easily relate to why most of these films have made this list (with the exception of Hangover 3, but then again I’m partial to the Hangover series and like a few silly laughs). After Earth, Filth, and the Oldboy remake were simply god awful. Spring Breakers is another film that deserves top honors on any worst films’ list. Do check it out if you haven’t yet seen it.


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