Devil’s Due (2014) Review

After a strange night on their honeymoon Samantha and Zach are to become parents. That should obviously be a good thing but the baby growing inside of Sam does not seem to be totally normal, changing her behaviour and as she gets closer to the due date strange people are spotted standing around the house.

I would never normally go to see a film like this mainly because they never turn out to be any good. Same goes for this one but I had seen every other possible film to see at the cinema so went for this one. Big mistake it was worse than I even expected. Honestly it has nothing to offer and for a horror it doesn’t scare you or even manage to make you jump at all.

Another thing about this film is that it is filmed in two different ways, on video cameras or smart phones so it’s a rather bumpy ride but then a lot of fixed cameras inside the house (less shaky but jumping from camera to camera all the time). I personally hate anything which is filmed with hand-held things as that is not what I want to see at the cinema on the big screen. I understand the filmmakers try to make it feel more “real” but I am by no means a fan of that style at all.

I just felt in terms of story we only really got half of it and never actually find out what happens or the whole point behind that strange ritual which put the “devil” inside of Samantha. Zach is set up for things as shown from the start and then at the very end, and it’s not a shock that every single piece of video evidence had suddenly disappeared?

I did find parts funny which probably weren’t meant to actually be funny. Something that I noticed about the cinema screening I was in that a lot of people were ready to watch this film on a Tuesday night at 7pm. I was surprised with that when some fantastic films have about 20 people in on a Friday night. That just does not make any sense to me why more people would want to see this than a possible Oscar winner?

It doesn’t have a strong story and I honestly don’t even know why I went to see this, maybe the Delivery Man would have been a better option?

10 thoughts on “Devil’s Due (2014) Review

  1. I think watching a fantastic foreign film with no subtitles would even of been a better option. 2014 has been a terrible month for movies so far, and this was certainly the worst of the bunch.


  2. I thought the trailer made it look really scary, so wasn’t planning on watching for that reason. Sometimes it seems the studios just feel they need to bang out another horror without really thinking it through to actually make is scary


  3. Why do you have to go to the theater to watch a movie, even when there’s nothing playing you want to see? Can’t you just find a movie to watch at home – like a rental on Amazon or i-tunes or netflix?

    I have a page on my blog dedicated to recommending quality films that a lot of people are not familiar with. You should check it out and find something to watch on it when there’s nothing good at the theater; which is quite often.


    • I have a cinema pass which I pay monthly for so doesn’t actually cost me any extra so just see most things that are out. It could have gone the other way and this could have been brilliant …..


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