The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Review

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort and his rise to becoming a very wealthy stockbroker and living a very extravagant life filled with crime, corruption and the federal government along with plenty of drugs!

Now this film is one that seems to have taken ages to eventually come out at the cinema, the trailer had been around for ages and the hype has been huge. I mean come on it is Scorsese and DiCaprio! But I don’t think anything can really prepare you for what you are about it watch. Make sure swearing, drug use and sex scenes don’t bother you though before going to see this one. If it does . . . Stay well clear!

The film spans over many years of Jordan’s life and how getting into Wall Street and becoming a stockbroker quickly takes over his life. He wants money and lots of it, he will pretty much do anything to get it. He is a clever man and has all the charm to get people on side and sell them the penny stocks.

He is quickly inducted into what will help you be a successful broker and the answer to that is drugs and lots of them. By his first boss Mark Hanna with a very amusing part from Matthew McConaughey, which you have pretty much already seen if you have seen the trailer. He doesn’t have a very big part but it is effective and funny with how random it all is.

When Jordan begins his own company and brings in his own staff to sell the penny stocks that’s when it all starts getting even more crazy. Donnie Azoff quickly becomes his right hand man after he quits his job to work for Jordan when he finds out how much money he made in the previous month. So this is when it all begins really, when he decides to bring in his own people and train them up.

Scorsese’s still is very clear throughout the film and it is very stylish as well. We have Jordan talk to us directly throughout the film and commentating on what was going on and happening. This creates for some very brilliant moments. I think DiCaprio is probably one of the only actors who could have pulled this role off, the film is his and he certainly owns everything about it from start to finish. Well deserved Oscar nomination for his role, he really does bare all in many different ways throughout this one.

An interesting thing about the film though is that none of the characters are likeable at all, not one of them have a good thing about them. They are greedy, they have addictions and they basically just want everything they can get for themselves. They aren’t exactly kind to others, it does take a turning point with some of this, but you will be kept guessing as certain things could go either way. (I know that doesn’t make much sense but don’t want to spoil anything).

It does help to show what addictions can do not only to yourself, but those around you as well. It can destroy everything and it will be too late before you really notice it. The relationship between Jordan and Naomi really is fantastic to watch. She stands up for herself and really does have him wrapped around her finger at times. It doesn’t stop him cheating and having sex with pretty much any woman who moves, but you do get the feeling that he really does actually love her. You will enjoy a very hilarious scene where she puts him in his place, but then it back fires!

This has been a very difficult review to write, the film has so much going on its difficult to try to sum it up and explain what is good about it and what isn’t too good. But I think it is an incredible film, it’s totally different to anything you have really seen before. It will shock you and make you laugh all at the same time.

Great to see it nominated for so many Oscars although I am quite surprised about Jonah Hill’s supporting actor nod as didn’t think he was that great, more annoying than anything else. Anyone agree with that? Also how many Oscars (if any) do you think it will pick up on the night?

12 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Review

  1. Great review. This movie did shock me and I found it funny too. This is my fave Scorsese and DiCaprio collaboration. Unfortunately I don’t see it picking up any Oscars. I don’t think Jonah Hill deserves a nom, he was alright but not award worthy.


  2. Good review Caz. Though it probably won’t pick up as many Oscars as I want it to, I’m just glad to see both Hill and especially Leo nominated. Both put in some excellent work here and show that their range can stretch out to anywhere.


  3. Nice review. I really enjoyed this film, although felt it was dragged on longer than it needed to, the story wasn’t really strong enough to span 3 hours. Glad it has gotten some Oscar nods, however can only see it picking up maybe 1 or 2 at the maximum – surprised it was nominated for best picture, which I don’t think it has a chance at, and to be fair probably doesn’t deserve to win anyway.


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