Bachelorette (2012) Review

Three friends were asked to be bridesmaids for a girl they used to make fun of back in high school. Once they get over the shock that she is getting married first, they accidentally manage to mess so many things up the night before the wedding.

Now this is like an even more extreme version of bridesmaids, you get drug use, sex in the toilets and even more random and wild moments. But behind all of the craziness and the wild women if does have a point and heart if you choose to see it I guess. They all learn something in the space of the night and hopefully become better people because of that? Or maybe they don’t but they do have a lot of life lessons to take on board.

Regan, Gina and Katie are not likeable at all really, but I think you can understand them and why they have ended up the way they are. I think it’s probably more shocking because they are women, if men behaved that why it wouldn’t really look as bad. The film does have some amusing moments, like the incident when they manage to wreck Becky’s wedding dress was actually rather funny, because of what they were doing when the tore it!

I had never really fancied watching this film but when I saw it on Netflix the other night I thought I would give it ago. I am a big fan of Bridesmaids so thought it might just make me laugh as much as that did. It didn’t but I did laugh at a few parts, might have been out of shock more than anything else as well, as it does have some rather shocking moments in this one.

Drug use and a lot of drug talk is not something you would usually see in a film like this one so you cannot help but find that rather shocking from start to finish as it really does have a lot of mentions and you see it happening quite a bit as well. You even get them going into a strip club as well, parts of it are very random.

I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near the best in this film type but it’s not too bad either. A very different experience really if you can handle some crazy women going off the wall! Rebel Wilson doesn’t really have the biggest part in this one as the bride to be, yet some of the usual jokes because of her size really. A lot of the jokes and moments being linked back to their high school days. Most of them not actually growing up very much either. But did that one night change everything?

Honestly it’s not as bad as you think its going to be, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Bachelorette (2012) Review

  1. Good review Caz. I liked how mean, dirty and down-and-out these girls were, but at the end, when everything gets a bit soft and sweet, it didn’t feel too right for me.


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