2013 at the Cinema!

You can view the films (and dates) which I saw them at the cinema here. As already mentioned probably hundreds of times now on the blog I have an Unlimited Card for Cineworld, therefore can see as many films as I want as many times as I want for a monthly fee. All but 1 of the 59 films I saw this year were at Boldon, Tyne and Wear Cineworld. The 1 different was in Houston Texas, when I was on holiday in the summer. I don’t think I’ve missed any as I try to keep cinema tickets and writing the reviews straight after getting home from the cinema or the following morning. I think I have done pretty well this year and only missed a few to review, of which the start of the reviews are in the draft section of the blog.

59 Films

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American Hustle (2013) Review

Irving Rosenfeld is a con man who takes it to a whole new level when he gets a partner in crime Sydney Prosser. They really take things to another level until FBI agent Richie DiMaso manages to foil their plans. Then to stop any sentences they must work for him, which leads them into a dangerous place in New Jersey with the mafia.

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