Last Vegas (2013) Review

Four friends in their sixties head to Vegas to throw a bachelor party for Billy who was the last remaining single one, but it was not really all that simple. The film starts back when they were all kids and an event which occurred and they still talked about 58 years later.

Who wouldn’t want to see these four legends in a film together? It is a comedy that I actually liked as well. They manage to get away with so many moments of innocence, with them being old men in the young world of Vegas. Don’t forget though that Billy’s wife to be is only in her 30’s, so that is very much the start of many jokes and let’s face it you cannot help but laugh at that.

Trying to get them all back together seems to be a problem first as Paddy seems to hate Billy for some reason and it takes a little bit of time to find out why exactly. Archie and Sam therefore must convince Paddy to make the trip, after he has been pretty much in his apartment for a year since Sophie his wife died.

Each of the men have a different story and reason for wanting to live a little in Vegas and I think this film helps show that people don’t just get old and not want to do anything, they just need to have the chance to actually do things. It will always be funny as well, the whole lost in translation effect with them still having an old mindset compared to the way young people act. But that doesn’t mean they cannot help those young people out with advice, which we see in this film.

I think another thing in terms of films has to be letting these four actors headline a film again instead of a bit part of a dad or even grandad which we have seen more times in recent years. Not that they have been bad in those roles, De Niro was brilliant in Silver Linings Playbook and really added something to that film. I think in this one they had all different types of men covered in the four characters and they really compliment each other well.

Seeing Michael Douglas in this ladies man role was brilliant as well, he really carries it off well and he is so charming. Anyone else think that he would actually be that charming in real life? As it certainly comes across that way. Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline give us plenty of laughs throughout as well and really bounce off each other well.

From the trailers it all just seems like a laugh a minute but it is more than that. It has a good heart and message behind it all, not forgetting the guys putting on an amazing party as well. It does have some very touching moments which will get you thinking and appreciating the film for more than just a comedy! It really does have that extra edge, whilst managing to not be too crude as well. Or maybe a couple of crude moments one of which involving Kline was hilarious as the line was so unexpected after an emotional and lovely breakthrough!

So I would urge people to give this a chance, for a few laughs and lighthearted fun. We are going to be getting a lot of very serious films and dramas over the next couple of months in build up to Awards Season so you need to fit in some laughs as well!

5 thoughts on “Last Vegas (2013) Review

  1. I want to see this because I think to see this gang together you just cant not see it. It holds nostalgia for everyone I think.


  2. Exactly and with this type of film you dont expect it to have a great script, this type of film will never scream oscar. Similar with grudge match, I know that will be what itll be but it has to be seen for rocky and raging bull


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