7 Boxing Films to Watch on Boxing Day

Here in the UK the 26th December is known as Boxing Day. This is obviously a good time to get those Boxing films on and be part of the day! I’ve tried to pick different types of boxing films and cheated when it came to Rocky as I have just put it in as the series as it could have taken up a few places on the list of seven films!

The films all seem to have a similar theme for the main character who is done on their luck and nothing in life seems to go their way. Leaving them with only one thing left to fight for, the right to box. It must be the nature of the sport which makes the themes of them very similar.

What is your favourite boxing film?

Rocky Series (Review 1, Review 4)

What is left to say about Rocky Balboa? He is one of the best film characters showing that you can do anything if you set your mind on it and work very hard to get it. With some fantastic music montages with training what more do you need to give you that lift?

Million Dollar Baby (Review)

Not many good women’s sport films are about but this one helps to show that women are as passionate about sport as men are! Maggie will not quite until she gets her dreams of being a boxer.

The Fighter (Review)

We get two boxers in this one, or a former boxer with another Oscar-winning performance from a very skinny Christian Bale! Another journey were a man puts everything on the line to achieve his dream, even if it means going against his brother.

Raging Bull (Review)

Not only regarded as one of De Niro’s all time best performances but listed as the best boxing film of all time. It truly is an incredible journey and watching De Niro’s transformation throughout the film.

Real Steel (Review)

Now this one is a bit different to the rest, a former boxer is trying to keep in with the current boxing which sees robots compete against each other. It’s after his estranged son works out that if you programme it with proper boxing moves it will be difficult to beat. Now that might not sound the best but it is surprisingly good and Hugh Jackman is in the lead role.


Will Smith takes on the task of becoming Mohammed Ali in this biopic. Which is a very good way of learning more about Ali (if you didn’t know much in the first place) showing how difficult his life was and how he went on to be one of the all time greats in boxing.

Resurrecting the Champ (Review)

This one takes the form of an old boxing champ (if it is really him) telling his story to a reporter as he is now living on the streets. But is any of it actually true?

Will you be watching a boxing film this Boxing Day?

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