Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) Review

Ron Burgundy is back for his second outing with the 70s well behind him and working in New York with his now wife Veronica. But everything turns sour when she is offered the evening news slot without him, in true Ron fashion he asks her to chose between the job and him. Obviously she choses the job!

But all is not lost for Ron as he is offered a slot on the first attempt at a 24 hour news channel. So he must venture back to San Diego to get his old team back together. This is a nice cue for then having them all doing ridiculously stupid things as their new job, none of which is funny at all. Then leading to an even stupider scene on the camper van thing which happens in slow motion.

It probably wasn’t a good idea to watch the first film this morning before going to see this one at lunchtime, way too much “comedy” for one day. I didn’t hold much hope for this film as I pretty much hated the first one. It’s not very often that a sequel is as good as the first one (if you like it in the first place) so this one for me really was awful.

We now have Ron having to deal with a black woman being his new boss and this results in some very bad taste scenes that I didn’t find remotely funny at all. So the idea of starting a 24 hour news channel I thought was good, but using pretty much the same jokes as the first film helped to show that we really could have done without a second part.

The end pretty much took the same scenes as the first film but change the bear to a different animal and add in plenty more stars for the news battlefield and that’s it really. It tried to have more of a heart and show Ron changing for the better for his son, but that’s not enough to save this film. I wanted it to end about half way through as it just was not fun to watch.

I heard people laughing out loud at different parts and felt strange because I wasn’t laughing. But to make it even worse I didn’t even know what they were actually laughing at. I know that probably sounds very odd but honestly I really don’t get these films at all. Not the best idea to watch them both in the same day.

Anyone else in the anti-anchorman group?

9 thoughts on “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) Review

    • I was actually quite scared at where it was going next! I guess that’s the thing with comedy some people (like me) just don’t get films like this!


      • Very possibly. And it’s certainly low-brow humor and I will admit, some of the scenes towards the end especially got a little out of control. Not everyone’s cup o joe to be certain. 😀


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