The Bone Collector (1999) Review

Quadripeligic ex-cop Lincoln Rhyme (Washington) gets involved in a police investigation after people are being abducted in taxi’s and left in sadistic ways to die. He enlists reluctant cop Amelia Donaghy (Jolie) to be his eyes on the crime scene after impressing him with the photos she took of the first victim and vital evidence she found.

Now this is one of those films now I have seen it, I am wondering how I have not actually watched it before now. Denzel Washington is a fantastic actor and for him to be confined to a bed for nearly all of this film and still putting in a gripping performance really shows how good an actor he is. Then paring him with Angelina Jolie really is a winning formula.

The killer in the story keeps doing sadistic things to the victims and cutting out a bone seems to be one of the things that the killer is also doing. They leave clues for Lincoln and Amelia to follow up and try to work out  before the person or people die. This makes the film have a cat and mouse chase going on as they rush to try and find the victims while the killer is playing with them and everything links to a book with the killings actually being taken straight from those pages.

It really does keep you engaged throughout the film and you wonder what is going to happen next, has you on the edge of your seat as Amelia heads into places alone and you really think she is suddenly going to get attacked. The film has some very good performances which will keep you entertained and watching this one. Queen Latifah really adds something extra as Thelma who is Lincoln’s nurse, just that extra little edge to it all.

Enjoyed this film and thought it done everything well, I had no idea who the killer was going to be either. So a nice little twist at the end, but it will keep you guessing throughout!

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