All I Want for Christmas (1991) Review

At Christmas time two New York children set about getting their parents back together. It’s not that simple though when their mother has a new boyfriend who she plans on marrying.

Now this film is by no means a Christmas classic but you can easily see the messages which are linked to the film. But probably giving children false hope when there parents have split up. Surely there was a reason so it shouldn’t be messed with? But Hallie did of course ask Santa, played by Leslie Nielsen in the lead to up Christmas for her parents to get back together.

Her big brother Ethan who is focused on not letting school bullies get to him and meeting the girl of his dreams and trying to get her to notice him. So quite a lot going on for Ethan but none of it really warms your heart. Which I think we kind of expect now from Christmas films. Especially a film like this as well. We wait and wait for that heartwarming moment but it just fails to actually happen.

Even with the great Lauren Bacall as the grandmother in this film it still doesn’t really help it out and make it much better. I think it had a good idea at the core but something just fails to click properly with this one. It just doesn’t have that little bit extra. I mean a lot is placed on mice and that is one of the big closing scenes. Now that didn’t do anything for me at all.

So I don’t think this is by any means a Christmas time must see and I don’t imagine I would ever watch it again. I didn’t really enjoy it or gain anything from actually watching it. So I guess the title might make people think about watching it, but don’t bother!

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