Breaking Emotions Blogathon – HATE & LOVE

The fourth and final set of emotions are hate and love. Probably the hardest set of emotions for actors and actresses to create on the screen? As let’s face it most of the time it all depends on the acting, however, the music and way the scene has been put together may also help create those feelings. But for it to be a truly great scene it must have all of those things mixed together.

1. Rocky IV – Apollo Creed killed

I really was filled with hate as Apollo Creed hit the floor after Draco the Russian machine had punched him to his death. It really is just awful to watch after we had grown to love Creed from the previous films (well maybe not Rocky).

2. A Clockwork Orange – Rape scene

With singing in the rain it really filled me with hate, it’s horrible to watch and with the added ‘singin’ in the rain’ being sung throughout it really is awful to watch. No picture or video for this one due to the content.

3. The Green Mile – Death Scene

Even though pretty much the whole film was building up the moment, I think it just builds up even more hate considering we all know he is totally innocent!

1. Shall We Dance? – Escalator scene

Who wouldn’t want a man to actually do this and it really does just warm my heart right up. An incredible scene that also makes me cry as well as feel the love.

2. Casino Royale – Bond showing his soft side

To see James Bond of all people come out with an incredible quote of love, it really made me feel the same. It really does show that men have all those feelings as well. Such a loved filled scene!

3. An Affair to Remember- Ending

So much love going on in this scene you will feel it too. Incredible that they won’t just admit what has happened and been going on to each other. Although it doesn’t really take too long for it all to work out nicely.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Emotions Blogathon – HATE & LOVE

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    1. It really is one of the best Bond moments. I guess I could have had when she totally breaks his heart as the hate emotion as well, as you cannot help but feel sorry for him with that part.


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