Breaking Emotions Blogathon – TEARS & SURPRISE

The second two emotions as part of the blogathon will again see three scenes from films for each of emotions chosen. These emotions are Tears and Surprise. Trying to pick just three for tears is very difficult, due to having now cried at so many film scenes over the years. This post does contain SPOILERS as most of the scenes are end of films!!

1. Million Dollar Baby – End scene

Emotions are all over the place as Maggie wants Frankie to help end her life and he eventually reveals what Mo Cushile means.

2. Bridges of Madison County – Car scene

I was actually sobbing the first time I watched this film and it still gets me every time I watch the film. You really find yourself feeling her emotions and are willing her to get out of the car, even though you know that she doesn’t. I think that probably makes it worse!

3. Casablanca – Airport scene

The worst part about this scene is that no matter how many times you watch this film you still think that Rick is going to leave with her as that would be the nice happy ending. But that’s not what we get and it really is a tear jerker of a scene, imagine being told “we’ll always have Paris” and “here’s looking at you kid” incredible stuff!

1. Fight Club – Ending

I think this is probably the easiest choice is what filled me with surprise as I really did not see it coming that he had a split personality but so powerful and an incredible film from start to finish.

2. American Beauty – The kiss . . .

I have decided to go for the gay kiss scene as it really took me by surprise as I felt after this the ending who actually killed Lester made more sense. But the man who seemed extremely homophobic kissing Lester was very shocking.

3. The Mist – Mercy killings 

Quite possibly one of the most shocking endings to a film? Giving you a huge surprise after he has killed his three companies including his young son, the army go and show up!


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