Breaking Emotions Blogathon – FEAR & AWKWARD

The first two emotions for this blogathon are Fear and Awkward. What happens is I will select three scenes from films for each of the emotions and do my best to explain exactly why I have picked them but hopefully it will be easy to see why!

1. Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring

Probably a few moments in this film really get my heart racing, but when Bilbo has that poppy-out creepy face I still jump watching it now and it is rather scary. From Bilbo the little Hobbit who seems so nice from the start.

2. Shutter Island

Quite a few parts of this film were a bit creepy but this woman really still is memorable from watching the film and when she signals “shh” it really does fill you with fear. What exactly is going to happen next?

3. Gravity

Throughout this film I really did fell like I couldn’t breathe, it fills you with fear from the very first moment when it goes silent!

1. Bridesmaids – Opening Scene

Nothing would be worse than being with a man and that he wants you to leave? Well then climbing over the gate for it to then open really does make sure you feel even more awkward. It is one of those films that’s filmed with awkward moments.

2. Hope Springs -Most of it! Banana!

Old people talking about sex and how they are going to spice up that part of their life really is very awkward to watch from start to finish. When they are talking about things they are going to do or try, you will feel extremely awkward! But the part I have chosen for the picture and this post is the banana scene . . .

3. Bridget Jones Diary – Big knickers

Imagine if this was you and you eventually got the chance with the man you’ve wanted for so long and you have huge knickers on! Talk about awkward!

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