7 Disney Films I Love

With the up and coming Saving Mr Banks film from Disney about the making of Mary Poppins (which I cannot wait to see). It got me thinking about Disney films so decided to do a list of 7 Disney films which I love! So have a think of which Disney films you love and write a comment on this blog! Will be good to see which ones are the most popular!!!

Toy Story

Mary Poppins

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast

Finding Nemo

The Lion King

7 thoughts on “7 Disney Films I Love

  1. I came to the conclusion the other day that I’ll never be able to get over my love for The Lion King. Mary Poppins is also one that I’ll never get over. Some films you watch over and over as a kid stick with you into adulthood!


  2. 1) Toy Story; 2) Toy Story 2; 3) Pirates of the Caribbean (the first only!); 4) Pinocchio; 5) Mary Poppins; 6) The Jungle Book; 7) The Lion King 😀


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