Gravity (2013) Review

Dr Ryan Stone is a medial engineer who is on her first mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, who is set to retire after what was supposed to be a routine spacewalk. But disaster strikes when the shuttle is destroyed and they only have each other in order to survive.

It’s not very often that all of the hype and buzz around a film is positive. I haven’t heard a bad thing about Gravity at all and that the 3D is actually amazing . . . After seeing the film last night I can understand why nothing bad has been said. It is (pun intended) out of this world. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before on a cinema screen. That is exactly where you should watch this film, at the cinema and in 3D . . . Yes in 3D! Cannot actually believe I am saying go and see a film in 3D as I am still not the biggest fan of that format. But for this film it really does add the depth and a different edge.

We really do end up becoming a part of Dr. Ryan Stone and feeling as though we are actually her at times, the way we get to look through her space helmet and so close to her for all of the film. Taking in all of the emotion she is feeling and I will admit that I struggled to breathe watching her at times due to the way she was reacting to the situation. That all probably sounds quite crazy or totally crazy, but if you have seen the film you will understand what I mean.

As soon as the film starts and it has an extremely loud moment followed by total silence you know you are going to be in for an incredible journey over the next 90 minutes. For a film to make you actually feel like you are in space and can see the earth is rather special and not something that could be done very often. That is why the 3D is so good for this film, you really feel part of it and the objects floating around really gives you that added feeling that the gravity is not there.

Sandra Bullock really put in a brilliant performance and I would say it’s much better than her Oscar-winning performance in ‘The Blind Side’ in this she is really stripped down and this allows so many emotions to be shown as she struggles to survive and figure out how to get back to Earth. It is mentioned a few times that “It will be one hell of a ride” and I think that helps sum up the performances and film as a whole. What a ride it is! Make sure you are prepared for something you haven’t seen in this way before, it really is a new experience. (Probably about time 3D was used in a proper way as well).

Gasping for breath along with Ryan in a few different ways, as she is struggling for oxygen and the panic at times when she cannot cope with realising that she does not have much hope at all. We find out a bit about her past back on earth and pretty much the reason she does not really want to go back and why she loves the silence out in space. Would you want to escape to outer space to get away from your life? That is a big question the audience will be thinking about at times.

A powerful film like this doesn’t really come along very often so make sure you head to your local cinema to catch it while you can. I am sure it will be up there for Best Picture at next years Oscars and a nomination for Sandra Bullock has to happen as well! Almost forgot to mention that we do have a few moments to watch that will make you laugh or smile, mainly this comes from George Clooney and his very likeable character Matt Kowalski.

Remember . . . Don’t Let Go!

7 thoughts on “Gravity (2013) Review

  1. Nice review Caz. The whole look, feel and mood of this film is what really got me and brought me in. But once they all started talking and whatnot, I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed.


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