Criminal Law (1988) Review

Ben Chase (Oldman) is a young lawyer who defends Martin Thiel in a murder case, only to find out he was actually guilty and decides to take it into his own hands when he sees him commit murder . . . again. 

The film very quickly becomes a cat and mouse chase with some edgy moments and I will admit that I even jumped at one point, mainly because I was waiting for something to happen and it certainly did (obviously not going to spoil it, Kevin Bacon is creepy though I will say that). Was Oldman Vs Bacon going to make for a good match? 

I had never heard of this film before until watching it on MGM HD last night and thought it sounded quite interesting so decided to give it a go. It wasn’t brilliant and wasn’t really bad, somewhere (I can’t decide where) in between. It seemed to have some good ideas of what it wanted to do but you can find better films in this genre. 

I think because in the end when you find out the reason for Martin wanting to kill women it is just a bit crazy and totally messed up. I did like how Ben ends up testing himself and we see how much Martin has got under his skin, what exactly will happen in the end? Is Ben actually very different from Martin? 

Other than that though the film is a little bit messy and all over the place with some very random scenes which don’t really make much sense at all in the long run. As if parts of the film had been taken out and this left us with massive plot holes? Well something didn’t really make sense. So I won’t be recommending this film as a one to look out for and it won’t be one I will be watching again myself. Bit of a shame with two leading men you would expect to be very good in the same film that they didn’t really pull it off. 

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