Thor: The Dark World (2013) Review

Coming back for the much awaited second installment things get very personal for Thor who must not only defend his people of Asgard but protect the woman he loves and Earth as well.

Jane Foster has been searching for Thor since he left her two years ago, while we the viewers know that he had to close the portal. But does that answer him being in New York with the Avengers? Well that is mentioned too so don’t worry about that! I saw a double bill of Thor followed by Thor: The Dark World at the cinema last night, with this film being shown at midnight. Although it did actually start a little bit early! The film is engaging and moves at a lightning pace from the very start (yes pun intended) and doesn’t mess about getting right into the story.

This time we have some Elves but these are no Lord of the Ring style Elves this ones are evil and have been buried somewhere that apparently no-one would ever find them. But we know this would not be possible in Marvel Universe and makes a very difficult challenge for our hero Thor. Once again he must defy his father in order to save everyone and even seek help from his brother Loki. Who was taken home a prisoner after his attempts to destroy Earth in New York.

Everything links together very nicely and we get to know some of the characters even more and this really pushes on from the first film and gives us that little bit more in the universe but also gives London a very good look in! As we wait for the alignment, that will make sense when you watch this film. I think it’s a brilliant next step for the Marvel story and we even get a sneaky and amusing cameo from another Avenger . . . Won’t spoil who and how though!

They have continued in Iron Man and Avengers style by having plenty of humours comments which really add that something extra to the films and show that they all have so much in common as we watch a different hero battle for his world. Especially when we know that the Avengers are all going to come together again in 2015 so something to look forward to.

I think the best thing about Thor himself is how much the character has grown (and grown up) since his first outing and we can see this over the now three films we have known him in. A very dramatic scene and I cannot believe I didn’t think a twist was going to come, again won’t spoil but I found myself rather upset!

We also get a lot more of Jane in this film as she holds the key of how to help Thor destroy the Elves. So overall it really is great entertainment and that next step in the Marvel adventure and don’t forget to stick around for the bit after the credits!!! You might just see someone who’s going to be involved very soon . . .

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