Escape Plan (2013) Review

Breslin has spent years of his life being placed in prison to find an escape route and prove that the security must be better. But can he get out of the most secure prison of them all. When a man has used his own book against him to build “The Tomb”.

I must first say that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are totally some of my movie guilty pleasures, so I was very much looking forward to seeing this film. Pleased to say that I was not disappointed by the end of the film, it really is a lot of fun with some funny moments packed into a good action film with a few twists to go with it as well.

We quickly learn that Hobbes is a very sadistic man who wants his prison to be the best out there and will do anything to keep the prisoners in check. With his men led by Vinnie Jones (seriously how has he managed to get so many film roles). Jim Caviezel is brilliant in the very evil role and you really want to see him fail by the end.

The film does at times take a bit to get going, but that build up is essential to get to know the two main characters. Who have plenty of on-screen time together, and work very well bouncing off each other I must add. The story line was much better than I thought (after seeing the trailers), it really does keep you guessing and wondering just what is going to happen next.

The fight scenes are good, who doesn’t want a good Stallone vs Schwarzenegger fight going on? With one liners exchanged whilst it’s happening. I am sure people will just love that. Along with so many other moments which will get the whole cinema laughing out loud. At the screening I attended tonight it was full, which I think just shows that they can both still pull in the crowds as well. Didn’t think it would actually be that big of a crowd drawer.

If you want to go and see a film that is entertaining and something that will keep you guessing throughout then this is certainly the film for you to watch. That is one of the best things about it as you want to know the answers to the main question, why was Breslin wanted to be there so much! That is something you really do have to wait until the end to find out.

I did enjoy this film and I know so many people will probably hate it and slate it. But just go with an open mind and have a little fun when watching this one, it isn’t meant to be taken totally seriously. It’s entertainment.

7 thoughts on “Escape Plan (2013) Review

    • Yeah exactly! If you can’t enjoy these two old timers on screen together you won’t enjoy much. Better than some of the current action movie actors!


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