Sunshine on Leith (2013) Review

Sunshine on Leith is based on a stage show of the very same name using music from The Proclaimers to help with the story which is set in Edinburgh and follows Davy and Ally as they return home from the Army.

It’s very set around one family and the troubles they face in the choices they must make which will influence everyone around them but their own life as well. The songs are then just placed throughout the film as the characters keep breaking out and singing. It works well with the songs fitting the mood and helping to explain exactly how the characters are feeling at key moments.

Sometimes those moments are very amusing and at times heartfelt and even heartbreaking. But when it’s all put together it creates a very good story with you caring about the characters and the choices they make. You aren’t entirely sure how everything is going to work out which can only be a good thing really as it keeps you guessing about how it might go.

It has been mentioned along with Mamma Mia and I can understand why as I left the cinema with a smile on my face and wishing in life everyone randomly broke out in song. I think the main different to what turned into a phenomenon for Mamma Mia is that everyone knows all the songs already where as with Sunshine on Leith The Proclaimers aren’t as big in that sense.

Obviously we are all waiting for “When I wake up . . .” and they certainly save that for a wonderful finale which will guarantee you leave the cinema with a huge smile on your face. It was a very good ending to a musical and cannot help but add that feel good factor. I really do think musicals just seem to have the ability to make you smile more than a normal film and even comedy films. People breaking out and singing just seems to be one of the best things you can watch on screen, I may just be slightly biased with that due to my love of musicals but they do offer something just that little bit different. I mean they don’t all make you smile of course, Les Mis is rather depressing!

But this film I watched at the ideal time last Friday after a rather difficult week! I don’t think it has been the most popular though as myself and my friend were two of four people who were in the cinema watching this film. The other two women also asked us at the end of we liked the film. If people are just avoiding this film I think they are missing something fun and lighthearted.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine on Leith (2013) Review

  1. I was interested in seeing this when I heard that it was directed by Dexter Fletcher, as I have been a fan of his for years, mainly since Press Gang, but he was also great in Lock, Stock. I can’t wait to see this 🙂


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