Thanks for Sharing (2012) Review

A romantic comedy with a little difference, bringing people together who suffer from sex addiction and how this impacts and takes over their everyday life making it unbearable.

Now this is still a very taboo subject and not very well talked about, we have now had a couple of films addressing sex addiction and all gone in different ways about it. This film tries to take the comedic edge at times to make it a little bit light-hearted. Adam, Mike and Neil are all in a group like AA for sex addiction and must help each other through the tough days and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But is it that easy just to stop and not act on the urges? Of course we get to see what happens to them all when life starts getting down as well.

For Adam it looks as though everything is going to change when he meets Phoebe, he managed to get to 5 years not long before that and how will he cope when she wants him so much? I thought this part of the story had some very good scenes and moments. But will he tell her the truth before it’s too late?

It really does help to show how an addiction can take over your life and really change everything when you cannot focus on anything else. This is best shown in Neil’s story and how he manages to gain control over his life again and in the end comes across as the best character (in my opinion anyway). As at first I thought it was all pretty disgusting but he really grows throughout the film and becoming friends with Dede really started it all. He actually ends up helping everyone out which is a surprise to begin with.

Mike’s story with his wife sticking by him and the return of their son Danny who we learn is also an addict but for drugs and alcohol. Which I think made it rather surprising that he was disowned by mainly his father considering he is also an addict. I think this also helped to show how your behaviour influences those around you and can destroy them as well. Mike’s behaviour towards his son when he was a child had a negative effect on when he was growing up.

The only character we didn’t really get to know very well was Dede was she only thrown into the mix to say that women can be sex addicts too? Maybe but I think we should have got more from her and had her involved earlier. But she did have some very good moments with helping Neil and vice versa. It does seem like this is something more put with men than women which I am sure is not always the case. I guess women can just hide it better?

You have to think of this film more as a drama with comedy in my opinion as if you go into it expecting a rom-com you are not going to be very happy. It is far from a happy-go-lucky romantic comedy and is more serious than all of those types of films. It is different and I think that is a good thing, it’s taken a risk to try and show an addiction and how it’s not really nice to love sex so much. As difficult as that may be to understand!

Some fantastic performances will keep you engaged throughout this film as you share the ups and downs of the different characters and find yourself routing for them to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Sharing (2012) Review

  1. Nice review Caz. The cast does what they can with the material, however, it’s just so conventional and at times, corny, you don’t know what to think of it. Is it a drama? A comedy? Or, a little mixture of both? You never know.


    • I thought it was something a little different really, but seems as though a lot of story was cut out for running time. That’s probably just me though!


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