Filth (2013) Review

Bruce Robertson will do anything to get a promotion at work but does being a junkie and all the hallucinations show what his life has really become? As he tries to win back his wife and daughter?

Now this will be the most messed up and strange film you will see in such a long time. It is totally off the wall, everything you think about police and detectives goes out the window as Bruce swears, uses violence and sex towards people he comes up against throughout the film. The sex factor is pretty big in this film and not in a nice way either. But the Scottish accents really do make some scenes hilarious with the way things are said.

It does have some very funny moments and you can’t help but laugh at it. Filth is the perfect name for this film as that is exactly what it is from start to finish. Just when you think you’ve worked it all out it takes a crazy turn and something even more messed up happens in the end! Not going to spoil that though as was rather shocked myself, I don’t think many people will guess that one.

We get to see the effect drugs and alcohol can have on a person and help cloud judgement and make them believe that everything is all about them. That they are invincible and can get away with pretty much anything. Bruce really does try to do this as well, but you know it’s not going to last forever. It certainly reaches a point that you want to see Bruce get everything that he deserves for his awful behaviour.

The film does not put women in good light at all and they are certainly seen as secondary to men throughout this film and pretty much just used for sex. Which I guess makes it rather strange that a woman aided Bruce’s downfall, if he was ever actually a good person of course that is something difficult to tell from how he behaves.

I cannot really say that I liked or even enjoyed this film as it really was something else to watch, very messed up but performance wise James McAvoy was brilliant from start to finish. It was a very strange film to watch and try to put together this review, I don’t think it will be held in the same regard as Trainspotting but performances we very good! I certainly enjoyed the random appearances of Jim Broadbent as the Doctor. The scenes of hallucinations were creepy but made you think as well.

I don’t imagine watching this film again, I think once is enough really.

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