The Good Doctor (2011) Review

A young doctor Martin goes to extreme measures to keep a female patient in hospital with horrendous circumstances.

This film didn’t even make it to the cinema in the UK and appeared on Sky Premiere yesterday, and after having an obsession with Orlando Bloom as a teenager I decided to give this film a watch. I now wish I hadn’t it is a total waste of time. The story doesn’t make any sort of sense at all, the acting is pretty terrible and the ending is probably even worse. It seems to be more like a bad made for TV movie. What was everyone thinking with this film?

You may think that all sounds very harsh but if you decide to watch this film (I don’t imagine you will) then you would share my pain of having watched this film from start to finish. I guess you could say it had potential but nothing was actually clear on why he wanted to keep her in, the relationship between Martin and Diane wasn’t like a great love story or affair or anything he was just very creepy.

Martin seemed a bit of a loner who had only focused on being a doctor and didn’t have much of a life but that still doesn’t help make any sense of the mess of this film. That can’t be the only reason he done it? Bloom’s acting was pretty wooden and he did not show any emotion good or bad, he was just the same throughout.

Add in blackmail from a hospital worker Jimmy who seems to have his own issues in the form of drug abuse therefore sees an opportunity with a diary to get drugs from Martin. If you are still reading and haven’t given up on this “review” if I can even call it that as I just seem to be slating this film . . .Sorry if you’re looking for some good points as I didn’t see any at all.

But yes as you can imagine it does not end well for Diane but nobody suspects anything and he seems to get away with it. Some very random scenes followed which took the film to a new level of silly really. Maybe it was trying to be this incredible film and just failed?

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