The Call (2013) Review

A veteran 911 operator must deal with her own past when trying to help save an abducted teenage girl when everything points back to an event which happened months before.

A fast paced thriller which really does have you on the edge of your seat throughout the film and you really hope that Casey will be found from the clutches of the very evil and very creepy Michael Foster. With the help of a mobile phone and Jordan on the other end of it. It doesn’t take too long for Jordan to discover that it has to be the same man who has been behind the other kidnapping as well, when she made a mistake and felt responsible for the whole thing. With Casey she is not going to let the same thing happen again.

Plenty of scenes for Casey (Abigail Breslin) are from the boot of a car and I thought her performance was very good considering the lack of space, the panic and you cannot help but want to see her free. Michael Eklund really was creepy as the turns out psycho like serial killer but the film does leave a cliffhanger ending for the audience to decide for themselves what exactly happens.

Halle Berry is very much back on good acting form in this film showing exactly why she has won an Oscar and been in some brilliant films as well. Having to do a lot of her performance over a headset phone as well which just shows the emotions she managed to bring to the role. I thought she really was brilliant to watch especially when she eventually gets to step out of the office.

The film took a different turn to what I expected as I thought it was all going to be based on the girl stuck in the boot, that’s what the trailers make you think. But it is much more than that, a sadistic and disturbed man who is extremely creepy for a few different reasons, unfortunately though as the viewer no questions are really answered you have to make your own mind up about him.

The ending wasn’t brilliant but they tried to be a little different with it I guess, it could have taken so many different routes but I think the one they went with was a bit of an anti-climax by the way the film had been heading. Still though it is a decent thriller and very much like films from back in the 90s with the added mobile phone/GPS for the modern audience.

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