Rush (2013) Review

A re-creation of the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Focusing mainly on the 1976 Championship season after a rivalry began back in Formula Three.

I have to admit that my knowledge of Formula One is not great at all, I had heard of Lauda though not so much Hunt. So I really went into this film not knowing how the story was going to end. Which I guess made it more exciting from a cinema goer point of view. I think the most interesting thing about the story was how much they did not want you to like Lauda but as the film comes towards the end you cannot help but actually like him and understand that Hunt did indeed really like him as well.

It was a brilliant rivalry to watch and see how many years it went over and that 1976 was the real tipping point in the F1 season. Back when the sport really was totally different to how it was now. More deaths occurring along with major accidents, it really was a very dangerous sport then and I think Rush is the perfect title for this film it really does help sum it all up.

Mainly focusing on James Hunt and how he wasted his talent and in the end his life after winning just one championship and not really having the determination to go back for more. He seemed very content to that one win and liked the lifestyle that brought him of more women, booze and drugs. All of which seemed to lead to his downfall. We see him battling with those demons from the very first scenes of the film. How his first marriage never stood a chance with supermodel Suzy, who actually left him for Richard Burton.

After seeing this film I then read a few things about Lauda and Hunt and even saw the pictures to how well Ron Howard done to make sure the actors were spot on for the characters, they really did look just brilliant. The racing scenes were very exciting as well, I felt as though I drove home from the cinema a little faster than usual after being sat in a F1 car for a lot of the film.

This could be an early film which will end up heading into the Oscar race for 2014.

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