About Time (2013) Review

Just after his 21st birthday Tim finds out that he can time travel to any event in his life, and decides to use this gift to make his life better. His dad warns him that travelling back in time doesn’t always help though.

When I saw the trailers for this and saw it was a Richard Curtis film I just felt like I had to see it! I seem to have a soft spot for his films as they always seem to have such a good heart, which this film does as well. Not forgetting the added bonus of Bill Nighy! And lets face it the subject of time travel is something that gets you thinking as you would like to change small details about certain events.

I liked the way in which Tim used his gift of time travel, to slightly change something to make it even better, as he does eventually find out that you cannot change too much or it changes everything. He uses it to find his one true love and romance in his life. Once he finds the one he does everything in his power to make sure he does not mess it up.

It also focuses a lot on his relationship with different family members but mainly with his dad which involves a lot of book talk and playing table tennis. But within these moments are conversations and something that is very touching towards the end of the film. I am not going to spoil that though, but will say I found myself full and close to tears a couple of times.

I thought the film had a very good pace to it and had plenty of funny moments to get you laughing or at the very least smiling. Quite a few different characters to get to know over the course of the film but not too many and they are all very closely linked with Tim. Sometimes showing how certain things in your life wouldn’t be changed even if you could travel in time, somethings just aren’t meant to be.

I think it had a few very good messages with thought-provoking points, making you evaluate parts of your life and wondering if you can do it any better. But also to remember that you only get to live each day once . . . So best make the most of it.

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