Pain & Gain (2013) Review

Three body builders who work in a gym as personal trainers end up kidnapping to get money, but it all doesn’t go to plan when they aren’t very good at it.

This film seems to be split into two different parts to begin with it has a silly edge with funny one liners and moments. Towards the end it becomes very dark and you realise that you don’t actually like any of the characters. It’s actually quite hard to believe that it is actually based on a true story?!?!? I think that then makes it feel very strange having it as a comedy.

However it just got too strange and weird, I have to admit that I didn’t really know too much about the film beforehand. If I knew I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it in all honesty! It got old pretty fast as you could see the next “joke” coming. The violence was obviously quite crazy with blood and body parts being chopped off. That doesn’t spoil it I promise!

I actually felt like I liked the Rock more after this though as he was probably the best character really. To pick from a bad bunch though. The film seems to be quite well received which shocks me, I didn’t think this would get much praise or credit. Pretty crazy that it is based on a real story though, I haven’t actually looked into what really happened.

Maybe I should have checked what it was about more before going into the cinema as I wouldn’t have been as shocked as I did quite enjoy the first part of the film. I know it doesn’t really sound like it now, but if you have seen it I am sure you can understand what I am going on about (or at least I hope you do).

7 thoughts on “Pain & Gain (2013) Review

  1. Nice review. Its not the greatest film but its a lot of fun due to mainly The Rock and Wahlberg at times. Ive researched the real story and its crazy how they stick real close to the main source.


  2. The humor did get some laughs out of me and the action did entertain to a very small degree, but it is a bit too long for somebody looking for a blast of fun. Nice review Caz.


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