2 Guns (2013) Review

A DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer find themselves on the run after a bank robbery attempt doesn’t go well, as they are both undercover and don’t know about the other as they attempted to set each other up.

The main twist of the film isn’t a big secret and doesn’t take long for the audience to find out that Bobby and Stig aren’t exactly who they say they are. They are playing each other and if only they knew earlier it could have saved them attempting to kill each other. The on-screen relationship between Washington and Wahlberg is very good and it looks like they had fun making the film.

You can’t really go wrong with a Denzel Washington film there’s always something you end up really liking about it, he does really have something about him no matter which role you see him in. At times this film is pretty crazy but I suppose to add drug lord, the CIA and Marines all together it isn’t going to be normal at all.

It does have many comedy moments as well to lighten the mood but violent at the same time, which just seems to work very well in this film. Although I don’t think the extremely noisy women sat next to me in the cinema would agree, you know the ones who like to sound constantly shocked and commentate on the whole film every single little thing that happened! You’ve come to see a film called “2 Guns” I think it is going to have some violence in!! Ok, rant over with that but seriously why go and see something you aren’t going to like.

Mark Wahlberg worked brilliantly with Denzel and had a fantastic character who had plenty of secrets which slowly come out throughout the film. He isn’t as stupid as he first seems, which makes for a few surprises. That’s not the only twists we see in this film though, which I won’t spoil I didn’t see half of it coming even when it was explained I wouldn’t have guessed as seemed to be some loose ends really.

But overall it is an enjoyable cinema experience, with things blowing up, fight scenes and comedy moments all rolled into one film.

4 thoughts on “2 Guns (2013) Review

  1. Doesn’t change the game of action-thrillers, but still has a very fun time with itself, and allowed me to join in on it as well. I was more than glad too. Nice review Caz.


  2. Nice review. Looks like a pretty fun movie. I get your rant about noisy people in the cinema. When I saw the Muppets, there was a woman who felt the need to loudly point out every visual gag in the film. Almost to reassure everyone around her that she got it. Was very painful… I think I also had a hangover at the time which probably didn’t help.


    • Yeah, I just don’t get why people have to spoil it for everyone else. I mean just why?!?! It’s not a place to have a conversation or talk at all really. Maybe it is actually better going to early screenings rather than prime time.


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