Playing for Keeps (2012) Review

George is a former professional football player who is currently struggling to get a job after his playing career has finished. He is in the US and trying to help provide for his son, and making a career of being an anchor. While trying to pursue this new career within sport he ends up coaching his son’s team.

The relationship between George and Stacie does not seem that great and we slowly learn that George messed around and did not appreciate everything he had until it was too late. As he starts coaching the team he quickly gains the attention of many of the “soccer moms” and he just doesn’t seem to be able to resist them at all.

This film is highly predictable from start to finish and doesn’t have any surprises. I am sure you can guess right from the start what is going to happen and how it is all going to end up. Obviously it is quite nice watching Gerard Butler in a film but that’s not really enough to make it all worth while. I work full-time in football and really wish we could see football transfer well into films, but it simply doesn’t.

Then when they take it to soccer and in the US it just seems to make it even worse. But after my experiences working in the US I can totally understand where some of the parents characters are coming from and they way they go on with the coach in order for their child to get more game time. I guess in that sense it was quite funny on a personal level as I remember the stories from some of the other coaches and different things which happened.

It was sad to see Catherine Zeta Jones in such a small role as well, she really has been given just random small parts in recent times. I really want to see more from her in a leading lady sense! I am biased is she is one of my favourite actresses but I think she deserves better.

I watched this on a flight out to Hong Kong and actually quite pleased I didn’t head to the cinema to see this one!

4 thoughts on “Playing for Keeps (2012) Review

  1. This is just all out horrid! It’s not even worth seeing on the plane to be honest. Good thing I didn’t spend money to see it either, but still it was a waste of time. GB needs to pick way better movies!


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