The Lone Ranger (2013) Review

Due to having a holiday in Houston, Texas I managed to see this film out in the US a good month before it’s release in the UK! Well it has had quite a lot of build up with the different trailers being around for quite a while now.

I must start though by saying that I have never seen the original TV series and therefore have nothing to compare this new reboot of the old series. So I went into this film with no prior knowledge to anything about the  Lone Ranger, although I did recognise the music! I just thought it was best to get that out there as I have been told that it is a lot different to how it used to be, the very heavy comedy factor throughout the film. I didn’t find this a bad thing though and actually thought it was very amusing.

A big bonus for me was that a lot of the film takes place on train and I just love scenes on trains, there’s just something that makes them really entertaining I can’t really explain what I like about them but really just seem to be taken in by them. Maybe its the action happening at high-speed? I am not even sure myself.

Another thing I wasn’t really sure of was this film before going to see it I mean it has Johnny Depp in it who is pretty much brilliant in which ever role is thrown at him. He really was so amusing as Tonto and kept a very lighthearted edge to the film with his brilliant one liners with John Reid aka The Lone Ranger. But the star of the film has to go to the horse (or horses) brilliant what they have got it to do on-screen and so funny as well!

I think this film would be perfect for families to go and see together and it has something for everyone in that sense and is enjoyable to watch. You will not help but laugh. The ending was probably a little bit to drawn out as it seemed that it was going to end a few times before it actually did, it looked as though this was just a launch for a new series of films from Disney in the form of the Lone Ranger? I can imagine it doing pretty well at the box office despite the luke warm reviews.

Tom Wilkinson just seems to pop up in so many films and I thought he played his part very well, cannot say too much about it as don’t want to spoil it! But he was very convincing. I also enjoyed Helena Bonham Carter’s very brief appearances as always!

I would give this one a chance as you never know, you might just like it! Hi Ho Silver!!!

2 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger (2013) Review

  1. Good review Caz. This movie was just a total and complete bore to me. It had the premise and all of the promise in the world to work, but totally squandered any bit of opportunity whatsoever.


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