Man of Steel (2013) Review

The story begins on the world of Krypton and the birth of Kal-El. Not a very happy time, as it is quickly shown that Krypton will not survive much longer. His father Jor-El had a plan to save his young son, sending him away from the doomed planet in order to have a chance to live. This planet was obviously Earth . . .

A couple took in the baby but gave him the name Clark Kent, passing him off as there own child. Martha and Jonathan done everything they could to protect him, hiding the spaceship he arrived in the barn at their house and farm. I really liked the way the film approaches the story and we see Clark’s childhood and teenage years in flashback form. As he tries not to reveal what he can do to those around him, this causes him to keep moving and taking on different jobs. But one problem with that Clark cannot stop himself from helping and saving people.

It was never going to be that easy General Zod killed Jor-El and promised he would find Kal wherever he had been sent too. Which leaves the viewer wondering when it was all going to happen. The action scenes are very impressive, I saw the film in 2D and wouldn’t really fancy the 3D version with the flying and fighting, I can imagine that being overkill.

Lois Lane’s introduction was good as well, in a different way to how we’ve seen Superman films in the past. The relationship between Lois and Clark really does quickly escalade without any reason or good story behind it really. But we all know it was going to happen anyway, something that possibly could have been a little different really.

I thought Henry Cavill was impressive as a man trying to decide what would be best and fighting with the urge to use his special abilities to help others. The character development was very much-needed for the audience to care about him at all. Which I think works well with some very key scenes which I will not spoil, I’ll let you work them out for yourself as should be pretty obvious when you watch the film.

A reboot was well and truly needed for this franchise with the awful Superman Returns attempt a few years ago and this totally blows that away. It has a bit of everything and Michael Shannon as General Zod really is impressive from start to finish. A good action and superhero film, which I am sure will keep pulling in the audiences.

I still haven’t been totally won over by the whole Superman thing really, I am still firmly a Batman girl and this film didn’t do anything to change that. It was enjoyable, but at times it felt long and I found myself actually wondering when the end was going to come. It had a few moments when it could have ended. I wasn’t impressed with the final ending, but I am sure hardcore Superman fans are? It certainly sets it up for part two . . .

9 thoughts on “Man of Steel (2013) Review

    • That is a very good point! I totally agree about it not being great as well, which seems to be a common thing mentioned about this film. Hopefully it will go the same way the Batman trilogy went!


  1. I know what the critics has said. They complained about too much action, superman being too serious, lack of romance, etc. Since Zack Snyder directed this movie, I don’t think he cared about the critics. Don’t get me wrong, he DOES care about the fans’ opinion. Seems like he really wanted to really satisfy the fans. I see why critics complained about too much action. For me it’s just his way to satisfy the viewers. This is the kind of movie that is just really satisfying. When the movie ended, I got that ‘satisfying’ feeling instead of the ‘wanting more’ feeling. It’s like it was really enough.

    Even Snyder’s best movies (before this) which were 300 & Watchmen didn’t have more ratings than 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think the fans should have anticipated the bad reviews. His style is actually what critics hate. The over the top action and CGI is actually his trademark. So, even from the beginning, I think this is actually the kind of movie the producers wanted. About the lack of romance, I really do think it’s saved for the sequel. The sequel will definitely explore more about the relationship between Clark and Lois. This film focused on 2 aspects: the origin (krypon,struggle finding his place) & the action (Zod and his army). Don’t expect humor or romance.

    The visuals were spectacular! What’s best about this movie is its action scenes. The action were just relentless. I think the fans would not be disappointed at all. Yes, I know there is only a very few humor this movie but that actually doesn’t even matter. The battle between Superman & Zod will definitely ‘wow’ everyone but the critics. I mean who cares about the critics opinion? A superhero movie MUST NOT be judged by the critics opinion, what’s more important is the audience’s opinion about the movie and especially the fans’. I think the movie really delivered. Most people will definitely like this movie. I am really sure that many fanboys will consider this as the best comic book of all time. This is a MUST SEE for people who like action movie. The action were better than last year’s The Avengers.

    The sequel really have a great potential. Considering the minimum amount of romance in this movie (since they just knew each other, and superman was also more focused on Zod), the next movie could explore more of that. One of the things missing from the movie was also the presence of Clark Kent at the daily planet. It’s one of the trade marks. But, I believe the sequel will show more scenes in the Daily Planet which is interesting to see.

    As a conclusion, I think Man of Steel is so far the best action movie this year. This movie really is a Snyder movie. But it also has a quite lot of nolan-esque feel to it especially in the around first 45 minutes.

    If this was compared to Iron man 3, if Iron man 3 was a 7, this movie is a 8.6.

    More information about the movie you can also find out here


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