Cats (2013 UK Tour) Review

This is not only a review of Cats, it is also a view from the front row, so close we could smell the face paint. Yes really we could smell the face paint, I even had the rum tugger come and sit next to me with his arm around me! I was rather embarrassed as really did not know what to do. But incredible sitting in the front row as many of the cats run past you and do actions towards the audience.

Cats doesn’t have the biggest of stories, it’s pretty much that on one special night of the year all of the Jellicle cats meet at the Jellicle ball, this even maybe slightly hard to follow, this is the second time I have seen Cats and I still found myself slightly confused over different parts. But on that special night Old Deuteronomy the wise leader makes a choice and decides which cat will be reborn into a whole new Jellicle life. So in the build up to that we see many different cats in a musical number put a claim into why it should be them chosen. Don’t worry if you don’t get that from the show, it doesn’t matter too much you will still enjoy the singing and dancing.

The dancing in this production really is very very impressive. So many different types of dancing to go along with the different songs. Which makes it so enjoyable. The costumes and face paint are just brilliant, the cat-like movements all the time make you really believe that these people are actually huge cats. It really is fun to watch and get engrossed in throughout the theatre experience.

Afterall this show has to have something about it, with how popular it always has been. It was once the longest ever running show in the West End and even closed when it was still popular. The tours seem to take quite a while now with years and years between them. But I guess that helps keep the memory alive. Memory is the most well-known song from this show and really is one of those showstopper songs that sends shivers down your spine. The words and the emotion is just fantastic.

I think I even enjoyed it more the second time round, first time I wasn’t so sure before going to see it but it really is such a fun show from start to finish. You will be joining in with the singing at the end. When they take their bows and sing “and we all say, oh well i never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistoffelees” which is a truly brilliant musical number in the show with plenty of lights and explosions.

Everyone should give Cats a go and understand why it always has been and always will be so popular. Plenty of young children in the audience as well which is brilliant to see at a theatre event. As it’s usually an older audience but incredible to see younger people enjoying the show. When I was younger at at dancing we used to do different dances to the songs from Cats!

Go see the Jellicle Cats!

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