The Big Wedding (2013) Review

The Big Wedding has a very impressive cast, with what ends up a rather complicated plot, but plenty of laughs throughout.

Long divorced couple Don and Ellie agree to pretend that they are still married to please their adoptive son Alejandro’s birth mother who travels to the USA for the wedding. Along with his sister, to mix with his adoptive brother and sister. Sounding complicated yet? Oh believe me I could make it worse. I think it’s best not to reveal (or try to) too much about the plot it is very complex but still ok to follow in the long wrong.

I think the film was a little bit different to what I expected really, I wasn’t expecting it to revolve mainly about sex and having the jokes based on that. I didn’t find that a bad thing, I actually found most of the film extremely amusing. I guess that says something about my sense of humour! But I guess it does still seem taboo for older people to be talking about or having sex.

I always knew I was at least going to enjoy this film with De Niro, Sarandon and Keaton all being involved. I have always found myself impressed with the many different roles they have taken on over the years. This film they all bounce off each other very well and make even the cringeworthy moments likeable at the same time.

I think the trailer sets up this film very well, with the what you see is what you get type of thing, you get to laugh and it’s lighthearted. About family which is something everyone can relate to, so you will be able to find at least one thing funny about this film. I actually did laugh throughout which is very rate for a comedy film.

We do see many different types of love and how somethings between family members really can be changed depending on the circumstances. We see some good father daughter scenes, I really liked this sub plot in the film. Thought it was good to watch and you feel yourself rooting for Don. Another thing about all the characters in the film, shows that everything isn’t as it first seems and people have secrets.

If you would like a relaxed cinema trip and to have a laugh at a film that doesn’t take itself seriously, then this is the one for you.

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