Popcorn at the Movies

In the last month or so of my cinema visits I have found myself getting popcorn quite a lot, something I seem to go through phases with when going to the cinema. This got me thinking after seeing Iron Man 3 for the second time this week that some films are very good when eating popcorn, Iron Man 3 is one of those films because it is a noisy film and you can get away with making a little bit more noise than usual which is something that happens when your eating popcorn.

When I went to see Star Trek I did not get popcorn which I think was a good decision as that film wasn’t that loud really, and people near me eating popcorn seemed to make a lot of noise. So does this mean you should pick when you get popcorn depending on the type of film you go to see? I think so. After seeing The Great Gatsby on Friday night I didn’t get popcorn and wouldn’t for a film like that. You need to be able to hear everything that is going on to enjoy the film. Maybe the summer blockbusters of action films are the best for popcorn. I can imagine when I go to see Fast & Furious 6 next week I will get popcorn and that will be a good choice.

Yes popcorn!

I have even come up with an idea of recommending whether you can eat popcorn whilst watching the movie I do a review for, just a bit of fun but also makes sense. If you can’t hear the film yourself because your eating then you’ve spoilt it for yourself! This really has had me thinking over the past few days, well since Wednesday and that second screening of Iron Man 3. Funny that I will now consider which film I am going to see before actually getting in popcorn.

No popcorn!

I guess the other alternative is to eat as much as possible during the adverts and trailer which let’s face it is the best part of half an hour now, maybe sometimes a little bit longer than that. But I do actually think its a good thing to think about before choosing any cinema going snack before heading into the screen to watch the film. A few years ago I did have Nacho’s a couple of times, but that is so much worse for the noise.

10 thoughts on “Popcorn at the Movies

  1. Alright, complaining about popcorn being too loud has officially tipped the scales from annoyance of theater habits to annoyance of people complaining about theater habits.


    • I think you’ve misunderstood what I was getting at with this blog post, I was meaning for myself. Like I think an action film with loads of noise is when I’d eat the popcorn but if it was a quiet film I wouldn’t want to eat it due to making too much noise for myself.


  2. Love it or loathe it, it is the food that keeps the cinemas in business, even though the multiplex where the last two blockbusters I watched felt like a picnic area!

    Popcorn is bearable, but its crisps that should not be allowed. When I saw ‘Stoker’, the person sitting next to me was eating Doritos! I think that went too far.

    Is it just me, or do people with packets of crisps reaching for them slowly to make less noise actually end up making more noise with the slow prolonged rustle than they would with one sudden rustle?


    • That is a good shout with crisps they really are very loud! What about cans of pop/soda instead of bottles, I mean opening them really does make so much noise. With the popcorn was kinda meaning for myself and when I would eat more of it.


  3. I always feel awkward when I can hear something having a loud crunch of popcorn when the movie is completely silent. After a few awkward seconds, someone has a nice slurp of soda and everything goes back to normal. I can’t imagine seeing a movie without some popcorn or slushy 🙂


  4. I once made a mistake of buying popcorn for a “serious” arthouse film and almost every scene was so quiet I felt so self-conscious about the noise I was making!


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