Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Review

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.

Now I must admit that I went into this film totally blind and have hardly any knowledge at all of Star Trek. I haven’t seen the most recent film and never watched any of the TV series. So I really had no clue about the characters, although during this film I did figure out a few things which are used in everyday talk came from Star Trek.

So I head into this film totally open-minded and unsure what to really expect, other than knowing this were going to happen in space. Also that only good things were being said about it. I went to a 3D version of the film (if you have read anything on my blog before you will understand my hate for 3D films) but it wasn’t really bad 3D so I guess that was a slight plus to begin with.

The trailer for this film was rather impressive and I must say that the film backed up the trailer (first time for everything) and I found myself quite enjoying this film. Even if some of it was inside joke type thing for people who knew more about it all, but it was funny at times as well as having some good action scenes. It was a very entertaining film. I wouldn’t say it’s my usual type of film but it makes a good cinema experience.

The talk around the Enterprise pretty much went over my head as I didn’t truly get the significance of it all, something I am sure die-hard fans would love? I have to say that I am struggling with this review as not sure what would be classed as spoilers. But Benedict Cumberbatch was a brilliant bad guy or was he really the good guy in disguise? Or what was going on with all of that, something you will have to work out when you watch the film.

The storyline is very engaging and keeps you guessing which twist and turn it is going to take next, something which makes for good viewing as you want to know how it’s all going to work out. So overall, other than my lack of knowledge I have to say that is a very enjoyable film and cinema experience from start to finish!

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Review

  1. Great review Caz. I’m pretty new to your blog and I’m really liking what I see. This movie won’t come out in my area until a few days from now, and my arse has never itched so hard. I’m stoked! 🙂


  2. As someone who has grown up with the franchise, watched every show and every movie (I’ve watched the entire DS9 series at least twice!), suffered through characters/actors who I didn’t care for (Tasha Yar, seriously?), I realize we all have opinions about what makes Gene Roddenberry’s vision so lasting.

    That being said? I LOVED this movie. I even capitalized it I loved it so much. The play between the characters, the more human version of Spock, the absolutely delightful “Scotty” (although his sidekick is one of those throwaway characters I dislike) as well as a much better crafted plot this time made for a completely enjoyable movie. The action is intense, the friendship deepened between the characters, the twists and turns are a bit predictable at times, but that is reminiscent of the franchise as a whole. I am already excited for the next movie. I tremendously respected and appreciated the ties in this movie to the elements that make Star Trek great – strong story line, deep connection to the characters and a philosophical element. In some of the older Star Trek episodes the moral/philosophical element can be oppressively heavy handed. No so in the new Trek movie. The ideas of friendship, family and humanity are woven through this movie with subtly and I will outright admit I more than teared up during the climactic scene in the engine room. EVEN though I had already figured out what was going to happen, I have already come to care about, respect and enjoy the new actors in their iconic roles.

    So yes, ten out of ten. And let the haters, hate. Those who can not embrace change can go sit and watch old Star Trek reruns and bemoan the ‘good old days’ and spout off all the reasons why ‘Star Trek ain’t what it used to be’!!!!

    I, on the other hand, will boldly go and embrace the new with a continued reverence for the old. This movie makes it possible to love both.

    More about the movie you can also find it here


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