21 & Over (2013) Review

It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday and his two best friends from high school decide to take him on a night he won’t ever forget, shame it’s the night before a big interview about his future at medical school.

I must admit that I did not really fancy this film as thought some of it was amusing in the trailers but I thought as a whole it just wouldn’t be that funny at all. Unfortunately I was right and felt that the cinema trip for this film really wasn’t worth while at all. It was a cross between American Pie and The Hangover really, for late teens and early twenties I would say.

You can see the jokes coming a mile off and some of them just aren’t funny at all, although maybe being female and 25 is just not the right audience for this. It is aimed more towards men as most films like this seem to be. Even the audience at the screening I attended didn’t really seem to laugh out loud very often. I was actually wondering when it was going to finish (you know that’s the sign of a bad film). I just felt like it was a waste of time really.

I am trying to think about something good to say about this film (honestly) but I actually can’t as I didn’t like anything about it. It was totally focused on drinking instead of sex which I suppose was a first really, a few mentions of sex but nothing major really. Maybe that would have actually made the film a bit better? Well I don’t think it could have made it any worse.

I think another thing for me was that I have enjoyed the recent films I have seen at the cinema so in that mindset of seeing good entertaining films and then went to see this. I am turning into not being a big fan of just comedies (if you read my review of Ted from last week you will understand this statement). I just not feel that films are really that funny anymore, bring on more drama/action/thrillers and comic book films for me that equals entertainment.

Want to know if anyone actually liked this film?

3 thoughts on “21 & Over (2013) Review

  1. Aw, I’m a bit disappointed now as I have been looking forward to watching 21 & Over off the back of the trailer. I will let you know what I think when I have seen it 🙂


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