Rocky IV (1985) Review

When Russia claim to have the best boxer a machine Drago it all goes wrong in an exhibition match against Apollo Creed when he is killed in the fight. This leads Rocky to challenge Drago but must travel to Russia for the fight.

Now I do love all of the Rocky films and this one is let’s face it just brilliant from start to finish. Even though it totally breaks your heart when Apollo Creed is killed. A character over the previous films has really grown to become a favourite you have to admit that it is rather shocking the first time you see it and not something you get used to after seeing the film a few times. Drago is played brilliantly by Dolph Lundgren and really makes Stallone look tiny as Rocky.

Brilliant scenes of Rocky training out in Russia in the snow in a classic training montage which the Rocky films are very well-known for but the soundtrack for this film is incredible. Totally motivational from start to finish and it really gets you going just watching all of the action, you feel everything Rocky does. Hearing a hostile Russian crowd slowly become a fan of Rocky is incredible to watch. I could easily just go out running to the soundtrack without wanting to skip any songs, really do keep you going!

One of the best things about this film is how much you get into the fight and are behind Rocky and just want to see him win (again) the hurt he has suffered losing Creed is something you really can relate to as the film just feels so personal especially if you already love Rocky from his previous outings. Stallone really did create something special with this series.

When watching this film you think, yes this is my favourite in the series, or at least that’s what I was thinking while watching it this week. It really is just brilliant. But it is hard to pick your favourite (although discard Rocky V). Soundtrack wise and snow training I would say this is pretty incredible from start to finish. Probably because the fight is not just for Rocky or for America against Russia, it is for Apollo Creed!

No easy way out . . .

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