LOL (2012) Review

A coming of age teenage film with a story showing how technology is heavily involved in teenage life now!

I think the best way to start this review is to say that I would really hate to still be a teenager now as things just seem even crazier than when I was in secondary school (left 10 years ago this year). I know that’s slightly different to an American High School, but while watching this film I thought that I would hate to have to go through all of that again.

We see the story through Lola (Cyrus) who must deal with breaking up with her boyfriend on the first day back at school. It did not end in a very nice way and she then develops a very close friendship with Kyle which we can tell is eventually going to become more. She’s pretty inseparable from her best friend but we don’t actually see them talk very much.

Most of the communication is done via a computer messenger or via text messages. With this in mind it may seem quite strange that Lola actually keeps a written diary. I like this as I used to actually keep a diary too, although now I have thrown them away as somethings were still just too difficult to re-read even years later. But this is key when he mother finds it and also finds out the things she has been up to. Let’s face it reading someones diary is probably the worst thing you can actually do, I would have hated for someone to read mine.

The film not only has Lola’s story about entering into the world of sex in relationships, we also she her mother’s story run along side it. She is getting over the divorce from the father and after a brief affair with him moving on to a new man. I actually found some of the scenes very strange when the mother and daughter were having similar experiences. It just seemed very wrong to be watching.

The story also follows a battle of the bands which I will admit that I really did like the songs that they sung! This was probably one of the better parts of the film in all honesty, yes I did manage to find something that I liked about it. This isn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen, I think teenagers would actually love it. At 25 years old, I am probably slightly too old for this one or at least not in the target audience!

7 thoughts on “LOL (2012) Review

    • It was a difficult one to review, but I guess it does have something for women of all ages. I didn’t mention much about the mother/daughter relationship which is a big part of the film.


      • I actually ended up watching last night after reading your review, lol. I liked the mother/daughter relationship (though not sure how accurate it was although I don’t have a great relationship with my mom so I don’t have a lot to go on for how normal mother/daughter relationships are). It was very well done, I thought, in that it absolutely reminded me of being a teen and made me think a lot about how some things never change…

        Question – that scene at the beginning with the bathtub – did you find that REALLY weird too? Like that girl was not a little child, it seemed REALLY inappropriate for her to be bathing with her mother. Or was that just me?


        • Ah yes that scene, I thought that was many things wrong with it. Then with Lola just undressing in front of them as well. Made them look like a very odd family!


          • Yeah it certainly had a few plot holes in this one, it could have been so much better if they made sure it made more sense really.


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