Happy 6 Years???

Yesterday when checking my blog I received the above notification wishing me a Happy Anniversary with WordPress! I was very shocked when it said 6 years as I didn’t think that I’d created my account that long ago. I was under the impression that I created me account not long before I launched Let’s Go To The Movies which was in February 2009. I also thought this was the first blog I ran on WordPress so maybe I had the idea in mind a couple of years before eventually going for it with this blog? I am a little confused in all honesty!

While on this matter I did miss posting my Happy 4 Years to Let’s Go To The Movies back in February so thought I’d just talk a little in this blog post. I have managed to review a lot of films recently (mainly from Netflix and the odd cinema release). Something which I had been slacking in at times during last year. I think as a film blogger you sometimes go through phases where you don’t have the time to write reviews or seem to lose your voice a little. I think sometimes certain films are much harder to review than others, I am sure you can all understand what I mean with that!

I have been aware that I haven’t managed to do any lists recently and decided that the way forward is to find as many blogathon’s as possible and really get involved in some posts which require more thought as well as comparing to fellow bloggers. So if you have or know of any Blogathon’s currently taking place or that will be taking place in the future, please let me know! I am hoping this year I will manage to be creative enough to start my own Blogathon!