Just Between Friends (1986) Review

Just between friends is a story about two women Holly and Sandy who meet one night at an aerobics class and instantly become friends. They laugh and talk all night not knowing one major thing . . . they are both in love with the same man!

That man being Chip, Holly’s husband who she has two children with and a lovely house and also life. This all nearly comes out when Sandy goes round for dinner one night. Not even knowing herself that the man she loves and is having an affair with will also be attending the dinner when he is back from work. We must watch the uncomfortable situation as Harry a family friend also knows about the affair. You cannot help but feel sorry for Holly watching this as she really has no idea at all about the woman she has invited into her life.

I think a reassuring thing from Sandy has to be that she totally finished the affair and does not want to see Chip again after she has become friends with his wife. The phone conversation was one of my favourite parts of the film and helps show that women do actually think about other women (sometimes). I mean don’t get me wrong Sandy wasn’t really thinking about his wife before she knew her, but again some times you are blinded to a situation and just don’t think at all.

The film takes a twist when Chip is killed in a car crash (sorry if that is quite a big spoiler but I have to put that in the review, as it impacts the film). So the two women are there for each other grieving for Chip. Holly however still having no idea about Sandy and her husband actually loving each other as well though. I kept wondering when it was going to come out as it had to really, probably in the worst way as well when Holly finds pictures in Chip’s office as she is clearing it all out. Obviously she is shocked and after an argument does not speak to Sandy for quite a while.

But then another event (won’t spoil this one) brings the two women back on speaking terms just to show that sometimes friendship really can see you through just about anything. I quite enjoyed this film as found it rather thought provoking and thought Mary Tyler Moore and Christine Lahti both put in strong performances. You do have to wonder though what would have happened to Chip had he still been alive and Holly found out, I kinda think he would have been left with nothing at all.

I would recommend this film if you want to watch a drama about friendship and strong women, just shows that you can get through anything really and even learn to forgive as well, after going slightly crazy of course. Finding quite a lot of films from the 80s on Netflix that I am enjoying at the moment, so expect plenty more reviews of 80s films in the future!

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