What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) Review

This film follows five couples around the subject of having a baby and how this affects relationships and changes everything.

I guess the best way to start this review is to say that I didn’t find this film as bad as I first expected (in parts), that doesn’t mean it was good however. One of the stories was quite sad in a way really so I will get onto that one later! So this film looks at five very different couples (who kinda link in someway, or at least they were supposed to).

The film looks at couples of different ages and in different situations looking to bring a baby into their lives. This ranges from planned pregnancy, to a one night stand, an unexpected pregnancy, adoption and suffering a miscarriage. Some of these story lines are actually pretty hard-hitting when you think about it, but putting it into a comedy film I guess takes the edge off it a little. The adoption process which is rather serious at times was made to be a joke, couldn’t really work that out!

Don’t get me wrong I found some of it too silly and daft to actually be funny and found it cringeworthy at times, just look at the picture on the bottom of the poster to understand this and the group of dads! Not a good move, cannot actually imagine any men acting like that at all (well certainly not in England thats for sure).

The only story line in the film I actually felt had something about it and was quite heartfelt was the one dealing with miscarriage after a one night stand and how they ended up helping each other through it (after not speaking for a while). As that must be the worst situation to have a one night stand with someone who you know just not that well and become pregnant but then end up losing the baby just as you are getting used to the idea. A young couple as well in their early twenties. I just thought it actually meant something a little more than the other stories which in all honesty I’m not going to go into great detail about in this review.

For a film I did not fancy seeing when it was released at the cinema I am surprised I actually managed to watch it all on Netflix so it must have had something to keep me watching and wanting to see the ending. Which yes you guessed it they all are in hospital at the same time! I will comment on Dennis Quaid’s performance as I thought he was pretty funny throughout, in a quite different role from what we usually see him in.

If you don’t like this type of film to begin with, do not watch this one at all it won’t help. If you are a fan of recent rom-com’s I am sure you will enjoy it more than I did. I guess I am staying on the fence for this one didn’t hate it as such but didn’t like it very much either . . .

2 thoughts on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) Review

  1. Nice review Caz. It’s predictable and obvious, but still enjoyable if you can get past all of the cliches and conventions you can spot out a mile away.


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