America’s Sweethearts (2001) Review

A film based around the press junket of a film, which is actually being held hostage and the two stars who used to be married must come together with some tricky situations along the way.

Gwen Harrison and Eddie Thomas were the it couple appearing in many films together all of which were taking the mick out of Hollywood. You must remember that this film is very tongue in cheek from start to finish. If you forget that and try to take it seriously you will hate every second of it, think of it as something that is supposed to be a little bit silly and going for the cheap laughs and you’ll be ok!

Add in Christopher Walken as the crazy director who has kept the film they are meant to be promoting hidden and you have a pretty crazy comedy from all different angles. A slightly different role for Julia Roberts as she takes a more supporting role rather than the main character. I think  I have to class this film as one of my guilty pleasures with having Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones both in the same film, due to my love for both actresses.

I will also admit that it is a pretty bad film at times, as I think its difficult to make a film about making a film without it getting a little bit too much to handle. It must be a strange film for actors to be in as it is always going to make the audience wonder if they are anything like the character they are playing in the film. An actor acting as an actor promoting a film, has to make you wonder really.

I have found this a difficult film to review due to having seen it a number of times and that it doesn’t really have the biggest of story lines or things going on. It’s a pretty straightforward comedy which is simple to follow. Don’t expect too much from this but just try and enjoy the tongue in cheek approach towards how a film is promoted!

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