Murphy’s Romance (1985) Review

Recently divorced Emma heads to a new place for a new life with her teenage son. Everything is quickly turned upside down when she meets Murphy who owns the local drugstore and seems to have quite a say in the town.

It doesn’t take long for he ex-husband Bobby Jack to turn up and try to win her back and act as though they are still married, whilst stealing some money. I actually had an awful feeling throughout the film that she was going to give in and take him back. I found myself willing Emma on not to be stupid towards her loser ex-husband. He really was a waster and I was pleased to see the relationship between Emma and Murphy grow over quite a long space of time.

I think this film is the perfect example of a very nice story actually having a romance rather than just sex or an affair. The characters get to know one another and properly fall for each other in what is probably seen as an old-fashioned way now. But I actually found this film it be rather charming from start to finish. I do enjoy watching Sally Field and think she really is just a fantastic actress who shows so much emotion in all of her roles.

It doesn’t really bother us that the characters have quite a big age gap as it waits until the very last seconds for Murphy to eventually say how old he is. But it really doesn’t matter between them the age gap and she really does fall in love with him. I would even go as far as saying she was smitten with him, something I was very happy with as I really had the awful thought for a while that Emma was going to take Bobby Jack back and he was such an awful character.

I really enjoyed the mother-son relationship we also see in this film as well and shows how difficult a divorce can be for a woman, especially when it means moving to a new place. Emma put too much pressure on her son to also become her friend, this is not a really bad thing but it could have caused many problems along the way.

A very sweet tale that was well worth the watch one evening on Netflix UK. I am enjoying finding so many older films that are very easy to watch and engaging!

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