The Host (2013) Review

In a future world when an alien invasion has taken place, with the aliens taking over human bodies. But a slight problem is when the human whose body it is doesn’t want to leave and fights against the new owner . . .

This is certainly the case for Melanie who puts up a massive fight against Wanderer who has tried to take over her body. The idea for the aliens were to look into the human’s memories and try to find where others were hiding. Find out about that person’s life and how they should just drift away. Melanie however has other plans, she promised her younger brother Jamie that she would be back for him soon. A love story is also there with Jared, another reason she does not want to leave and wants to have her life back.

We soon see though that Wanderer cannot resist listening to Melanie and her thoughts. Soon agreeing not to reveal anything else and help her return to her brother and boyfriend. A major problem with this is that when a human body is taken the eyes are a different colour, this making it obvious who is human and who is “alien”. However this is not going to be easy with The Seeker being extra determined to catch Wanderer.

When eventually arriving to the safe place Melanie and her family had been heading for her Uncle Jeb was surprisingly the only person to not want to kill the seeker. Human’s did not know that a person can still also be inside the body. This is something that must be proven in order for them both to survive. A slight name change to Wanda and she was taken in by the humans and even got involved in work. Jared is not convinced and cannot bear to look at her. Ian on the other hand is very taken in by Wanda and this causes a problem and a very strange love triangle!

I think the ideas for the storyline and the alien invasion are very thought-provoking and not at all bad. I think I actually liked this film more than I ever expected too. It wasn’t too heavy on the romance and love triangle which I was expecting after the Twilight Saga. I am not saying it was brilliant though, just not as bad as I feared. Yes I may have just gotten a little bit too much into it in then end and slightly emotional, I am blaming the few days I’d had up until that point!

I did though like how it makes human nature actually appear in a good light that they will eventually accept others. A few other things happen which I will not spoil but imagine if someone took your body, you could still think but not actually speak or act that would be the strangest thing! Yes I do realise how silly that sounds but after all that is something this film makes you think about.

I have never been the biggest fan of Saoirse Ronan in the previous films I have seen her in but in this one she doesn’t actually seem that annoying. Something strange is always done to her eyes though! If you do go and see this film, don’t expect it to be anything like Twilight as it really isn’t at all!

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