21 Jump Street (2012) Review

Two rather useless cops who are working in a park struggle to make their first arrest which leads to them being transferred to 21 Jump Street which is an undercover operation. So they must head back to high school and find out who is supplying the new drug which lead to a teenage death.

In all honesty I don’t know how I actually made it to the end of this film, I thought everything about it was pretty terrible and the overuse of swearing for no need whatsoever. Swearing doesn’t bother me and it can be used to good effects, but it was just pointless in this film to try and make it sound cool. Also having Schmidt and Jenko switching roles from when they were actually in high school.

We have seen many films with people undercover in high schools for different reasons, so nothing in this film is really new to watch. They try to fit in and find out who is behind the drugs being supplied in the school, slapstick comedy is probably the best way to describe most of the scenes which I didn’t really find very funny at all.

I think I was probably the wrong audience for this type of slapstick film and getting a bit too old, surely it was more for teenagers? I’m not really sure in all honesty. The only part I remember actually laughing at was when Jenko blamed Glee for him not being cool in high school anymore, due to it stopping the stereotypes.

I don’t even think the pair worked that well together, Tatum and Hill just didn’t really seem to click it just seemed totally forced that they were friends and an attempted bromance to keep up with what is relevant. I can’t even find myself being that shallow about Tatum being in the film, as let’s face it he is probably better to look at than he is an actor.

I am really trying to find some positives about this film but really struggling as it just annoyed me, I guess something made me want to know who actually supplied the drugs due to making it to the end of the film. Nothing else could really be the reason. I was actually surprised to see the high rating on IMDb for this film! Also the high rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well, I really must have been missing something about this film???

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