A Few Good Men (1992) Review

Young lawyer Kaffee defends Marines of murder when they were claiming they just followed an order. One of the best court room dramas of all time.

That might be a bold statement to make but I really do think this is such an incredible film due to the cast and performances put in throughout the film. I would certainly put this film in one of my favorite of all time. “You can’t handle the truth” being such a scene stealing moment, even if you haven’t seen the film I am sure you have heard about that.

I think this film really shows how good an actor Tom Cruise is, a brilliant performance and really holds his own against Jack Nicholson as Jessup. The scenes between the pair really are something else. The young lawyer and the Navy Veteran and when they eventually go head to head you really do find yourself willing Kaffee on and to go for it pushing Jessup over the edge. Which happens brilliantly, the reactions of everyone else is priceless as well especially Kevin Bacon as Captain Jack Ross.

The film really let’s the audience get to know the characters and care about the court scene. It’s a difficult decision to make about Dawson and Downey whether you are on their side or think they should still have made their own decision not to follow the code red and stood up for a member of their squad and helped him rather than hurting him, which ended up killing him.

I think the way Kaffee grows throughout the film is brilliant to see, as at first it seems that he will do anything to make a deal so he doesn’t have to step inside a court room. He really is pushed all the way by JoAnne who wants him to go for it and eventually pushes him all the way to calling Jessup. His friendship with Sam is another good thing about the film, let’s face it all the actors just seem to click and work together throughout the film.

It has a few twists and turns when you aren’t entirely sure what is going to happen next especially when it comes to Markinson who for a brief period goes missing and we think he will never be seen again, he is quite key to the trial and some of the evidence. Kendrick is another you have to watch along with Jessup how much of the truth do they actually tell?

I really do love this film the more times that I watch it, I mean I even watched it on Netflix the other night when I already have it on DVD. It really is such an underrated film and not given enough credit for the amazing cast and individual performances throughout. One of Tom Cruise’s best performances ever in my opinion. I love a good court room drama as well, this is one of those films I am shocked when people have not seen it.

I think everyone should make sure this film is on their “I’ve seen that” list. It really does have so much going for it and I don’t really think it has dated with it being from 1992. I don’t think it would be much different if it were to be made today! Which can only be a good thing for anyone who does watch it for the first time now.

Can you handle the truth?

4 thoughts on “A Few Good Men (1992) Review

  1. Good review Caz. It starts off and continues to be a solid courtroom drama, but that ending is what really has it stand-out. Can’t say I loved it, but those final 10 minutes really made it awesome and as thought-provoking as you could get.


    • I watched this again last night, certainly one of my all time favourites. That exchange between Nicholson and Cruise takes some beating!


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