Red Dawn (2012) Review

A group of teenagers make a difference when World War III takes place when troops from North Korea invade the USA.

I think its important so say that I have not seen the original Red Dawn (but shall be watching it soon as it’s available on Netflix) before seeing this film at the cinema last night. I wasn’t even sure what it was about in all honesty. I found myself enjoying it though as it had plenty of things going for it. Also asking the question of what would you do if something like that happened, would you want to stand up and fight?

I guess in the film it helped that Jed was actually a marine and could then teach the teenagers one being his younger brother how to fight and that they can all make a difference. We see them grow stronger not just with the fighting but as people as well, they learn some valuable lessons about growing up. But at the same time manage to keep the teenage innocence.

Don’t get me wrong though the film does have many problems and isn’t great in any terms but I find it watchable and got into wondering how it was going to end and trying to guess which way things were going to work out. The suspense in some scenes is very good and keeps you on the end of your seat whilst waiting to see which way it was going to turn.

Let’s face it as well I enjoy watching Chris Hemsworth and think he put in a good performance as the self-elected leader and eventually managing to reconnect with his young brother. Something that doesn’t look likely with the way their relationship seems to be. We get a look into how the different people cope with the loss of their loved ones and family members from the very start. It doesn’t take long for the action to start.

Now going onto the action scenes, or at least some of them. I found the shaky and moving camera angles very distracting and that it shouldn’t have really been like that at all. It was hard to focus on what was going on but I guess they wanted to try to make it look realistic? As I said I guess, but don’t really get the point on why you would actually want to do that as it was difficult to watch those scenes due to not actually being able to see anything properly other than a shaky image. If that makes any sense of course, if you have seen the film I am sure this annoyed you as well.

It does try to show many different types of relationships, but I think the most annoying ends up the teenage love story which makes somethings go wrong in the plan. It’s just way too cheesy!

Overall, it’s not the worst ever film it has problems but it is watchable!

4 thoughts on “Red Dawn (2012) Review

  1. You’re very kind in trying to bring up the positives of the film rather than the negatives. I unfortunately could not. It’s just another action cookie cutter that lacks any originality at all. Pretty painful. 🙂


    • I think I was being shallow and enjoyed watching Chris Hemsworth too much! I guess women can’t complain about men doing that, as we are just as bad haha


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