Parker (2013) Review

When Parker is double crossed by the crew he is working with and left for dead, his unusual working style causes him to get revenge and take everything from them.

When you go to see a Jason Statham film you expect it to be exactly the same and that his role will be exactly the same as all of the other films he has been in. I actually was quite surprised with this one when the storyline to the film was much better and his character actually had a bit more depth than we are used to seeing.

The film starts with Statham dressed as a priest and then two clowns appear and they aren’t doing the normal thing you would guess at a fair . . . They are committing a robbery. I have to admit that from that start I was right into the film as wasn’t entirely sure which way to was going to go in the end. A number of different possibilities which I won’t spoil incase you watch this film.

I remember thinking before hand that Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham seemed a bit of a random combo for a film but it works well for some comedy moments between the two very different characters or maybe they do have one big thing in common . . . Wanting money and lots of it. One highlight for me had to be seeing Patti LuPone as I had no idea she was in the film.

The film had a very good pace to it with the action and suspense being done very effectively. I have to admit though that I did find one of the scenes or moments in a scene quite awful, all I’m going to say is the knife!!! That really did make me cringe as wasn’t expecting it and was quite nasty to watch. But other than that and a couple of other over the top moments the action is very good and the fight scenes seemed quite realistic. We got to see wounds and repairs to injury, which is not something that usually happens in this type of film.

I liked the depth of character Parker had he wasn’t just a machine, he showed he had a heart as well in the slight love story we had in the film. Even with a chance to cheat on his girlfriend Claire, he resists and doesn’t ever really look interested in Leslie. Something which I think is reassuring, this may sound like a very minor thing in the film but I really do think it makes the audience actually like Parker more. He has morals and rules which really gives him a good edge.

The film does have a lot of death and blood, so if your not fond of the sight of blood or violence this certainly isn’t a film for you to see. But I really did find myself enjoying this film from start to finish, not to be taken too seriously but certainly is entertaining viewing. Not forgetting a view funny moments as well to lighten the mood.

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