Safe Haven (2013) Review

A young woman arrives in Southport after we see her quickly trying to leave a previous life behind her. Whilst off the bus on a break she decides that it looks like a good place to stay. The relationship she builds with widower Alex pushes her boundaries and she must keep battling with the secret she left behind.

Another film based on one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels, I actually bought the book when it first came out but didn’t manage to get into it. But watching the film brought back the first few pages! Anyway we all know that Nicholas Sparks links mean romance and a love story. This one didn’t really make me feel the same way as his previous love stories. It was pretty quick, but with the secret and other things going on it was pretty weak overall.

I don’t really know but I just didn’t seem to connect with the characters in this film and thought it was rather predictable from the start. The acting was ok but nothing special, the characters didn’t really have many layers and it was like they were just put together. A few romantic gesters which I guess were nice but I was not really feeling in the mood for romance when I went to see this film.

I am sure that plenty of people will love this film but I am not one of them. It just didn’t strike any chord with me and I found myself wondering how much longer it was going to go on for. I didn’t like the little ending twist at all which I won’t spoil, it just made parts of it totally pointless really. This review may make me sound really heartless but I am often a romantic at heart and this film did not make me feel like that at all. I guess it just depends on your mood when you watch a film like this, I certainly was not in the right mood.

Saying that I wasn’t really impressed with The Lucky One which came out last year (or even the year before) with Zac Efron I guess they are getting a bit too similar now and not really giving the audience anything new.

Thoughts? Am I just being totally cynical or is this just a poor film?

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