The Sentinel (2006) Review

A secret agent Pete Garrison is framed as a mole in the assassination attempt on the President. Will former best friend David Breckinridge forgive him in time to actually help him?

I remember seeing this film on its release at the cinema and really enjoying it, watching it again last night I still enjoy this film. I became quite a fan of Michael Douglas over the years and thought he was his usual brilliant self in this film and really pulls it off being a secret service agent. Throw in Kiefer Sutherland in what seems very much like his role from 24 and you have a good base for a film.

The storyline is decent and moves at a steady pace with a few twists along the way, which is what you want from this type of film. I think because of how engaging Douglas is I really still enjoy this film. He has such fantastic on-screen charisma and you cannot help but to like his character and hope he can get himself out of the mess he has ended up in.

How do you catch a man who has spent his life doing that exact job, Pete is always a step ahead of everyone else and really must fight to prove that he is innocent before he will let anyone help him. He is trying to protect his own secret after all. This gives the story a little bit more depth as it does make Pete look guilty at times but obviously the audience know the truth.

Don’t get me wrong this film is in no way ground breaking, but I enjoy watching it. I guess if you’re not much of a fan of the actors in the film you probably won’t really be that bothered. I guess some films you just like without much real reason behind it. This is certainly one of those films for me as six years later I still enjoyed watching it.

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