Oscars 2013

Well I wasn’t really ready for this years Oscars and didn’t manage to see all of the films nominated for Best Picture or the top acting awards. So I didn’t really seem that bothered about catching the show or trying to stay up late to watch it. First time host Seth MacFarlane didn’t really make me any more excited about it all, don’t get me wrong I really do like Family Guy, but figured he would be a bit much for the Oscars.

One little thing I didn’t realise though was that musicals were going to play  a big part in the show . . . Now if I had known this earlier . . .

Actually in the long run it didn’t really make much a difference until I saw a small clip of Catherine Zeta Jones singing All That Jazz! My jaw actually dropped with that and I couldn’t wait to get home from work yesterday to then watch the show. Not knowing when it was going to be on and seeing what happened with everything else.

MacFarlane was probably as expected and as it has been very widely received rather sexist. I didn’t like the we’ve seen your boobs song, I mean why make women even more like objects? Unnecessary in my opinion. His other jokes were border line but let’s face it were probably soft compared to what he could have went with. Overall though he was quite entertaining and even got involved in a couple of songs. The predictions to the following day weren’t really great though!

Why couldn’t we have Hugh Jackman back if it was going to be very musical based? Also I wonder if many people fancied a Les Mis upset with all the draws to a musical. But as it turned out nothing could stop Argo!

From recent years this years seems to be the easiest to predict and no major surprises were to be seen on the night with regards to the big awards. All of the acting awards have been favorites for months and months now so I guess any of the above not winning would have been seen as an upset. The speeches were pretty good, nothing shocking in them which can be seen as a good thing. Not too many tears either! Poor Jennifer Lawrence though tripping on the stairs, but she carried it off so well. Such a confident young woman, let’s hope the early career Oscar win doesn’t have too much of an effect on her career.

So that was my favourite moment of the whole show, seeing Catherine as Velma Kelly again really was just fantastic. Showing that she has hardly aged and can still move just as well after the film came out 11 years ago. Pretty incredible really, but 10 years ago at the Oscars when Chicago won, Catherine did sing but we didn’t get the dancing due to her being very heavily pregnant at the time. Must have been a brilliant experience 10 years after picking up her Oscar!

Adele’s performance of Skyfall was another highlight, just before she picked up an Oscar for Best Original Song. Let’s face it that was probably the film I enjoyed the most in 2012, three viewings in the cinema and bought the Blu-Ray on release last Monday. The only thing that could have made this even better would have been if Daniel Craig then appeared from the top of the stage . . . Yes that may have pushed it over the top but it would have been so cool!

The Oscars isn’t the Oscars without Jack Nicholson sat in the front row in his sunglasses grinning and looking confused. Great to see him back at this years show as I don’t remember him being in attendance the past few years. My all time favorite actor and he looked good, also getting involved to co-present the Best Picture Oscar. I am sure we can all remember his reaction to Crash winning back in 2006! He really is just a brilliant character and has never changed!

Well overall I guess I don’t really have too much to say on the Oscars this year which you probably guessed in the build up with my lack of blogging. Which was mainly due to working and not actually watching many films. I must try harder to make sure I get to the cinema at least once a week to keep up to date with all the new releases. I wasn’t really very impressed with the presenters this year, only the cast of Chicago which really made me smile. Other than that it was all what we have come to expect. I actually really liked the year we had previous Oscar winners talking about each of the nominees before the award was given out, but I guess we couldn’t have it like that every year.

Let’s just wait and see if I manage to do better for the 2014 Oscars and who get’s to host it!

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